Cheating! cheating!! cheating!!!, how many times did I call you? what have you done to my people, why do you always spring up and destroy the joy in a happy home? why do you always make that small girl outside look more stunning than the wife of the house? why do you make that girls indomie taste better than the wifes efo riro?, why oh why. I really need to understand the claws with which you come around and tear everything down. Na enemy of progress you be?.

The amazing thing is people swear never to cheat, never to go down that part and somehow you come around and they still fall, they still end up doing that same thing they promised they wouldn’t do. I would like to know the strong grip you have on peoples emotions and thoughts. Me sef go like that kin power ooo, where I can compel people to do my bidding.

Cheating oh cheating you have done great harm and pain to both the young and old, you have caused more tears on the pillows than the loss of a priceless jewel. Do the tears bring satisfaction to you? does it make you feel like you have achieved a great deal? Do you dance with joy when there is another fallen hero? does your heart swell when there is another broken marriage or relationship. Oh claws of cheating what exactly have we done wrong that makes you seek out the best of us and lure in your thoughts and desires?

In the light of cheating here is a mail that we got in our inbox today and I would like to share it with you people,and hope to get your opinions



I’ve have noticed that my husband has been cheating with different ladies for over a year now,there is one of the ladies i’m certain of she calls at odd hours she updates their picture on her social media page, she does not hide their relationship unlike others he has been with.

I have been treating myself of STDs and when i complain he says i got them from my own escapades, he does not put up my picture on any of his social media pages, even our wedding pictures that was up he had put them down

He beats me at every little thing, he insults me and tells me all sort of evil things, his words pierce more than his physical abuse, even my parents and his are tired of settling fights and quarrels cos sometimes,he hits me and i get to be admitted in the hospital.

I can’t keep quiet again.whenever I look at him,I always feel like killing him in a way that I won’t be suspected,he has caused so much sadness and pain to me

I have been praying a lot dieing in silence,but things have been same
Pls kindly help a sister,I’m more like a living dead.

Dear Sister,

Hello World

I think it is high time you let him be till he is ready to be reasonable, there is no need trying to kill him or revenge on the pain he is causing you, just let him be, advisably move out of the house. Just stay away from him so he doesn’t keep hitting you and causing you so much pain.

If you succeed in killing him and the law finds out its you and jail, that would be another long time of pain and sorrow, you sure do not want that for yourself, so my sister its best you just move out of that house before he gives you HIV or beat you to death or disfigure you forever.

Since his family and yours have tried to talk to him and there has been no change, its better you just give him space so he can do whatever he wants and hopefully he would realize on time that what he has been doing has been wrong, but there is no way he would think about this if you still stick around, give him space, hopefully it would make him realize his mistakes.

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