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Smelly shoe’s are unavoidable in the approaching season (summer). Try as you may, because some days would be hot as opposed to cloudy and rainy your feet would be stuck inside your shoe and the heat would make you sweat which, would heighten moisture since your feet is not aired out and would create an awful feet odor. So when you perceive a whiff of that shoe odor from your feet its time to bring out the easy fix;


Hello World

What you’ll need for the fix: Some unused tea bags, your pumps or sneakers

What you should do next: Put in two to three teabags into the pumps or sneakers and allow it to sit still in a cool and dry area for a day (24 hours).

Why this is a quick fix: Moisture which you can see more of when the weather is extremely hot and void of wind, is the main cause of shoe odor because with it comes a bacteria that is the cause of the awful odors.

Using tea bags work because they are absorbent, and they would help to adsorb the moisture in the shoes.  The moisture tend to linger but with the tea bag magic they would soak it in and then leave behind a strong and clean herbal scent.

Shoe odor is not cool, it really gets people to hold up their nose’s and its embarrassing, so rather than dusting powder inside the shoe, this teabag not only soaks up the moist but gives it a refreshing smell too.

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