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Many always ask the question, “How can I apply makeup quickly?” Well, finding the time to apply your morning makeup is a well-known challenge, but there is always a guide for working on a tight schedule. Therefore, whether you are looking for a light touch-up or a detailed routine, there are truly some tips that will help.

5 Minutes

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Let’s face it, most of us barely have enough time to do our hair, let alone apply makeup when we are getting ready in the morning, but some of these tips could be that of saving time by selecting eyeliner pencils, lipstick, and similar “pick up and apply” makeup, looking out for bottles with a squirt nozzle, instead of makeup in a bowl-shaped container when purchasing foundation and cream makeup, and many more.


The greatest advantage in this is that learning how to apply makeup faster can really help you pull off the best look while running out the door! You also do not have your man leaving you behind, simply because you could not meet up with time as a result of making up. This challenge of doing a fast makeup is everywhere, even among some professional makeup artists, but here is a makeup tutorial that will put you through on how to do the lazy 5 minute makeup;

Watch this tutorial video…

5 minute makeup tutorial

Video Source: YouTube | Jade Simmone

Yeah!!!!!! You are simply done in just five minutes, as this makeup tutorial puts you through the right way!

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