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The  Head-tie has been among the African culture and society way back into the period when the early men walked upon the surface of Africa- Just saying, because there isn’t a clear timeline.

Anyways, this distinctive material worn over their heads have been seen more as a cultural affiliation and less of fashion, however, today, the latter is one the major reason while the Head wrap will forever be remembered.

Africans generally have their different headwraps based on different cultures and each has its own name associated with it. In South Africa and Namibia , the African  word ‘doek’ is used for the traditional head covering. In other parts of the African continent, words like duku in Malawi  and Ghana, dhuku in Zimbabwe, tukwi in Botswana, and of course Gele in Nigeria are used.

The gele is however more and more significant both in Nigeria and beyond as more many women take pride in their culture and traditions, and also have adopted the gele style as it is a blend of current fashion trend & lifestyle which is why these gele inspirations are worth your time. Scroll down to see…


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