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If the thought of dressing your best girls in identical matching outfits makes you shudder then the mismatched bridesmaid dress trend could be for you. The mismatched bridesmaids dress look has been a big trend over the last few years and can look amazing if done right.

Mismatched bridesmaid dresses can save you a lot of dress hunting struggles, particularly if your maids are all different shapes and sizes. You get the opportunity to choose different dresses in the same color or different dresses in the same shade, or the same dress in different shades.

You don’t need to worry about your guests not being able to identify the bridal party because there are endless beautiful options that will complement each other without feeling too uniform. Perhaps you love the idea of a mismatched dresses for your girls, you can take a look at some ways you can mix and match your bridesmaid dresses, from mixing colours to using different fabric.

  • Same Color, Different Dress

This is a perfect solution for any picky party. These dresses are gorgeous and can be styled in many different ways giving your bridesmaids a little leeway and freedom to wear what they want to wear. Choosing a dress in one shade or tone but in a variety of styles and silhouettes is a great option if you have bridesmaids with varying body types.

same colour different dress

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  • Same Dress, Different Colors

This is a fairly easy option if you have already picked the dress for them, or if you have come to an agreement and let bridesmaids choose the color that they think would look best with their skin tone. The art to having bridesmaids in varying colours is to pick one set tone.

same dress differnet colour

  • Different Dress, Same Shades

A different dress with the same shade can look smashing.  Picking dresses from a particular hue will give your girls the opportunity to go for the shade that suit their skin colour. Also dresses that are all the same length will complete your bridal fashion look.

mismatched dress hue

  • Freestyle

One size doesn’t fit all and sometimes budget doesn’t either. If you decide to let your bridesmaids choose their dress, let there be some guidelines so that there will be some cohesiveness.  Your bridesmaids may not know your vision, so tell them what to choose in terms of color, texture, material, length, or style.

mismatched dress

Brides, would you style your girls in mismatched dresses? Share with us in the comment box your views and thoughts on the mismatched bridesmaid dresses.

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