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As we mature we make different decisions, we choose to do whatever we want with our bodies. For many, a dye job is fun and fashionable and for others its actually a necessity because its important they cover the grey hair that just appeared from nowhere. What this two class of people have in common is the fact that they desire to have a lasting dye job.

Dye jobs are expensive and somewhere in between buying spanx and paying bills you have to add getting a dye job to the list and it becomes very annoying and frustrating when the dye job stays for only a short period of time before you start getting “psst! your undergrowth is showing” from your friends and family.


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Here are 3 ways you can touch-up in between before you finally need to head to the salon;

  • Resist the temptation of always washing your hair

In general washing and prepping your hair is something you should do regularly but when you have  had a dye job done regular washing dull the dye, washes it away and takes away the essential oil that would maintain the shine. So make sure you use a product that is designed for colored hair when you want to wash and dry.

  • The touch up kit is your friend

If your hair color is already dying out and you don’t have the time or funds to visit the salon then you can use touch up-kit and root pencil provided they match the color on your hair. They would certainly buy you time until your next hair appointment.

  • Try parting your hair different or try braiding your hair

If you’ve tried everything and yet it fails, then draw attention from your roots by parting your hair in a messy zig zag pattern or you can braid it, this would help the grey’s blend in nicely with the rest of your tresses.

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