Relationships can’t be as perfect as we want it to really be because perfection does not exist. Most times, we fail at some point and we succeed at a few but either way, we come out of the experience with a new lesson. It’s alright to have a fair share of falls and less success because the best lessons are learnt when you fall and you have no other choice but to accept the one thing that is being offered to you and that is the lesson. Here are the harsh truths you must know about relationships;

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1. Do not expect a prince charming or queen of hearts

High expectation discourages partners to a great level, it’s hard to hear but when someone is unconditionally over demanding it affects the other partner who constantly fall short of doing something for you. You do not have to over burden your partner with so much expectation that they start failing at everything even the things they knew they could do or perform for you.

2. They don’t love you if they don’t respect you

You can always lie to yourself but you know in your heart that someone who truly loves you will respect you in front of others as well as when the two of you are alone. A partner that loves you will respect your life goals, your words, your choices, your body and especially your emotions, don’t think that someone who doesn’t respect you will eventually start doing it.

3. Hard times will make you know who actually loves you

Even the people who have been with you for many years will leave you in a heartbeat if they notice anything happening to you might as well course harm to them. Embrace these moments of enlightenment and thank the fact that such scenarios happened in your life to help you filter out all those who don’t deserve genuine care and love like you had for them. So when you are doing something for someone, do not expect the same from them, it will surprise you if you do get something in return and you won’t be dissapointed when you don’t.

4. Some people can never learn from their mistake

Not everyone can learn from their mistakes and some people do not learn at all, some people actually enjoys the mistake they have made and joyfully goes back to repeat same mistake as many times as they can but one thing you should be careful about is second chances. Second chances are more painful than first, though, it does not apply to everyone just be cautious, there is no harm in being careful and always appreciate when someone does good to you.

5. Words can cause deeper damages than words

A partner can forget fights but when it comes to words, its quite hard to forget, we say the meanest things possible when we are in an argument with our partner, but the fact is we are merely stooping low with every harsh words we say to our partner. You should not cause an irreparably damage to your relationship with your words because you can repair the hole in the wall but you cannot fix a broken heart.

6. Not everybody tells the truth

The bitter truth is, many of us will compromise our morals to get what we want, do not let your heart break by expecting some people to be decent enough and don’t break someone’s heart either.

7. People will take you for granted if you always compromise

The key to this is to strike a balance, don’t compromise too much and don’t compromise too little. As harsh as it might sound, we can’t deny the fact that the people who love us the most will take us for granted more than anyone. You don’t have to compromise on a few things and let yourself be guided by your partner, let their words and actions be the manual for you to read what you can compromise on and on what you really shouldn’t.

8. Some people will try and ruin your relationship

It might be hard for you to believe but some people can’t help but envy your relationship, they can’t stand something that you have and they don’t. Such people often turn out to be your closest friends whom you probably go for advice and pour your hearts out to, you should always evaluate every advice you implement in your relationship remember that no one knows your partner better than you so no one other than you would know the best thing to do for your partner.

9. People judge you, form opinions and you stop them

Not every person in this world minds their business, they will judge you and form opinions over assumptions. You can’t let them affect you or your relationship, the words will be painful if you let them affect you and if you and your partner truly love each other and are happy, forget the world . Don’t let what they think of the two of you drive your present and future.


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