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Its no longer news that the country is facing one of the worst inflation in the history since its independence. Although am a huge fan of having fun during the yuletide season, it has to be a bit different this year. Christmas is the time where we do a lot of things, there are so many fun activities lined up that we don’t think twice about spending money however I have to stop you there because you have to put a cap on your spending and here’s 5 things that you shouldn’t do;


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1. Yuletide expenses are almost always unavoidable but you can always cut down on the expense when it comes to buying gifts for your friends and family this year. It would be wise to  have a strict budget for your spending that you should follow to the latter, remember you need funds to survive the first month of the new year,

2. So moderation should be your watchword when it comes to decorating this season. Yes we all know how decorations help to beautify the home and bring on the Christmas spirit but you’ve got to go about it carefully, you do not need to decorate ever arch and corner. Remember that decorations are wants and not needs.

3. Ah the holiday season brings out the love for travelling to visit family and close friends or to take a vacation with your family however if you didn’t book your flights early on then you may have to enjoy your environment this season as one of the biggest yuletide expenses comes from travelling.

4. We women have been known to buy on impulse, yes shopping for gifts can be so much fun but you have to remember that there is an inflation and you don’t want to be stranded after the yuletide season. Carefully think about what you need to buy and stick with the list.

5. Cooking a bunch is path of the Christmas spirit but you need to remember, it was okay to go over board last year but it is not okay this year so make sure you prepare just what you’ll need. I know you want to try all kinds of recipe’s but make sure it doesn’t become wasteful.

Yuletide expenses are real, so I suggest you think very carefully on how you would spend your money this season.

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