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he works outside the city in a river side . no network sometimes. and of cos women loves attention and I love communications more.. but no calls from him not even text messages on social network or sms. cos he works as an I.T and have access to browsing network. but no communication between us. I am getting tired. if I complains, he will tell me is network. when I even see him online. for the passed 5days now, no communication between us. and there is a little means we can communicate. please what do I do? cos I’m getting tired already and tring to stop the relationship… I’m lonely and I have a man.

Dear Sister,

Hello World

I do understand what you are going through here, but you need to have a level of patience for him, understand that he could be very busy and all, that it is likely not his fault that he has not been able to chat and do the likes. Also you can talk to him about these things, explain to him how lonely you get and how much you would appreciate it if he talks to you more and communicate more, I’m sure he would try to make up some time regarding this.


Hello Ma.             
My name is Shanty.i fall in love with a guy whom i believed and i still believe he is my future man.we talked about everything ,being honest about our past and all current situations.His life it kind of complicated but i was and still willing to stand by him being helpfull in all i can .The problem is at some point i do not really understand him.He can just shut up for maybe 2-3weeks,and he will come around and explain what happened not because i asked but he will just tell me.He once said he is not ready to give all his love because of what happened with his ex-girlfriend and i totally understand that.There come a time were we slept together,he sticks around and we were fine.His friend asked me to talk to him about a small party we were planning for him because he was going out of the country for some educational purposes for his masters degree.I talked with him and he told me that he was going to talk with me as soon he was done with his work,since that day there was no hie .He then just went silent again ,so i did not ask up to now its about a month now.Im really in love with him an he knows that and he is but he dwells with the past.I decided that i will just wait untill he is ready but anyway i need your help.Help me ,should i leave or just wait.

Dear Sister,

hmm it is very difficult to be with a strangely quiet man, he can be very confusing and it can frustrate you emotionally, my best thought here is you call him tell him that you are getting quiet tired of his acts please do not shout, talk to him do not shout, simply express yourself and if there is no change you can let him go because the truth is he is likely going to give you a whole lot of headache, confusion and pain.

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