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Dear Amaka,

Hello World

I am a mother of two; I got married to my husband November, 6 2010. My husband was very caring, loving and have the fear of God before our marriage. But the problem is not up to a year after my marriage my husband is totally changed as like he is someone else
I cant even explain what went wrong, he does not care about me and my children. I have done all i can to make him happy but still he complains about every little or no mistake, he looks for ways to shout and complain every-time.

I always see condoms in his pockets and text messages between him and his mistress but when I complain he tells me that his door is open and i can leave if i wish to, even during a meeting with my family he repeated this.I think a divorce is the best option for me because he has promised to kill me  someday, I go to hospital frequently now because my BP has risen so high and i am really depressed,I have begged him in several ways even at night to know where i have gone wrong but he never answers I’m fed up.

I’m not free and secured around him again, the way he looks at me gives me the chills. right now i cater for me and my children’s need, and if he wants to have $3x with me no foreplay or romance is involved, he will just get on me and in two minutes he gets off, he doesn’t even sleep on same bed with me
I’m confused. Have been praying and praying what should i do?

Dear Sister,

It is clear that this is very critical, i would very much advise you to RUN!!, run before he kills you, run before things get out of hand, all I see is a man who is trying to frustrate his wife so she can leave and another woman comes in, so please leave, you can go and continue your prayers where you can have peace, but make sure you leave as soon as possible because it is better you are alive than if you die oo, think of your kids you have been taking care of, its been you alone, they need you to be sane and healthy.

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