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Dear Amaka,

I met this guy around 2006 when I finished writing my waec,we date for 3-4 years . He later travelled to another state due to some circumstances I misbehaved he caught me with one guy   Not on bed, he learnt that me and the guy we are like dating but before then our relationship was shaking and I need money to pay my school fees that why  am dating the guy when he finds out he got angry and quit the relationship . I also quit the relationship with the other guy I know that I have hurt him I pleaded with him he did not listened so he moves on with another girl,they later separated now after how many years of that incident I haven’t fall in love again. I have tried to be in love with someone but is not working out. But am still begging him all this while to give me a second chance and now he didn’t base in nigeria . last time we chat I begged him for forgiveness he said he has forgiven me but he is far away from me and I told it doesn’t matter that I still love him he said ok that he has accepted me back. I don’t know whether he meant what he said or he is just trying to free himself, mind you other guys that have asked me out most of them based outside so is not because he travelled outside and I have been begging him before he travelled so please I need your sisterly advice cos I still love him.

Dear sister,

I do sincerely think you should move on, with what you have said i think its visible that he has moved on, if you keep begging him he might come back out of pity and this would not be the same as when he is with you on a freewill, so my sister try to move on and be happy, dedicate your time to other things and try and be happy.

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Hi Amaka hope you are doing good today.
Please i need an advise regards to my relationship.Have being dating a guy who is about 34 now for more than 4 years now.although in between we were apart for about a year.then got back later December 2014.but till now i still don’t know what he is up.am 27 now.i dont know what to do .he has never made any move of going to see my parents.i feel he is using me.But a truth i have never seen him with any other lady.my friends say its better i have a talk with him but i don’t want to do that so i don’t look desperate to him.please help cause i don’t want to make a mistake i will regret later in life. Thanks from Chioma Itulu

Dear Sister,

My dear communication is key, you can ask him what his plans and motives are without being desperate, you should talk to him, sit him down and talk to him, understand his fear and his plans, if what he has to say is not acceptable by you then my dear best thing to do is try and move on, but if his reasons seem genuine to you, then you should try stick on with him.

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