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The head-wrap culture is huge in this part of the world and this is because it is a significant part of our culture and heritage. History has showed us that even those africans that were left in other parts of the world still held on to this long age tradition. The significant of the head-wrap is however different for every tribe, for one it was an identification of social status and for others it was an identification on marital status either ways we cannot take away from the fact that they planned and are still playing a significant role in our lives.

The 21st century woman fell in love with the head wraps and mostly because you ca tie it in different beautiful and creative ways. There is also the lovely fabrics used for the head wraps, the prominent one being the Ankara fabric which was adopted by Africans because it perfectly represents our rich culture, habits, traditions and environment.

The reasons why a Millennial can be spotted with the head-wrap varies completely from persons to persons; for some wrapping their head is in connection with their ancestry (those in diaspora mostly), for others it is to cover a bad hair day and then there are those who find that head wraps are a significant part of their personality and there are those who do it for religious purpose’s. At the end it really doesn’t matter for what purpose all that matters is that you can tie your head-wrap stylishly.


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In this video, beauty Vlogger, Chary Jay shows us three ways to style the head Wrap; Watch!

Source: Youtube Channel- Chary Jay

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