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As per request I am bringing you the head gear/gele tutorial. A head gear is an important accessory as a Nigerian woman, with every aso ebi comes a head gear they are practically fashioned together. The head gear is a way to adorn a woman’s head like some sort of crown, anyways its important to understand and know how to achieve a simple style for emergency reason or whatever reason.

There are several types and style of gele but as far as you are using the aso-oke, jubilee or damask you must always fold into two equal parts after which you separate nothing the border for each part and then you fold the edges, now many people would tell you its preferable to start tying your gele from the back but in truth I really don’t see much of a difference whether you start from the front or back it all depends on the style and the ease. The head gear /gele is really beautiful.


Hello World

This tutorial below would take you through the steps of tying a traditional gele using the Aso-oke which is much more lighter than the jubilee or damask.Get your scarfs ready ladies, Enjoy!!!

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