Sometimes our feelings take the stronger part we do not sit back and ask ourselves some certain questions and even when people who have seen more than we have in life try to advise us we shut them out determined to do that which is in our very own minds, I accept African parents can be funny at times, some mothers would say you can’t marry that man, I don’t like his teeth, now this reason is absolutely not acceptable, this you can argue out and  you can even ask mumsy if she wan block your shine lol.
In cases where your parents have genuine reasons or are being skeptical about this partner of yours it is very important that you calm down and try to find out what exactly is the reason behind this because many times they have seen deeper than you and they are trying to protect us from future harm. In this light we got a mail in our inbox in relation to this.
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This is a message we received in our inbox. We have given advice and set up a poll to seek public opinion. If you have an issue bothering you, feel free to send a mail to [email protected]
Dear Amaka,
please help me, am 20 yrs and am dating a 26 yrs old guy. we love each other very much, but my problem is that my parents hates him so much especially my dad for no reason to the extent that my Dad sent me away since i do not want to leave the guy.
now what is bothering me most is that the guy in question is always monitoring me and accusing me of having an affair with another guy and i have tried to convince him but we are always having problem because of it.
please advice me on what to do. i love him so much.
Dear Sister,
Hello World
The reason why your dad does not like him is probably because he has seen these tendencies of always suspecting you and all in him, truth is a guy who is always suspecting you would soon start giving you rules and would give you conditions of who to talk to or who not to talk to, this is likely what your father is trying to avoid for you because this attitude of your boyfriend is going to grow into other things and you would end up not being happy.
It is important that you think this over do not allow your emotions stop you from thinking about things rightly, you are not yet married and he is always suspecting and monitoring you. Have you thought of what he would do when you married?
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