Sometimes if its ignorance or it is love that makes people stick it out with people that do not deserve them,this discussion came up some days back between me and my colleagues and I kept on trying to understand why a girl would be with a guy who beats her until someone said, ‘sometimes its good for my boyfriend to hit me so my brain can reset’ I am like WHAT!!! in 2015 a lady still thinks like this,  I was so pained; if you want brain reset why you no go yaba left or something, why let another human BEAT you silly in the name of love and you believe this is for your own good. I am still amazed, she killed me there for the rest of the day I was trying to understand what brain reset means and people that do not get hit by their spouse is their brain dead or Mal-functioning? What a mind set.


Then someone started the all men cheat policy and how you should just endure and keep holding on, because the next man would also cheat, this one made me realize that we give men the leverage to go ahead and cheat, sometimes we even push them out there to do the cheating because we believe they are already cheating, what a messed up scenario.

In this light we got this email in our inbox and i felt it relates with what me and my colleagues discussed some days back.

I am 22yrs I have been dating dis guy for d past 3yrs, I met him still a virgin not until d 12th of dis month, I don’t ask him of anytin not evin money, he doesn’t call me unless I call him nd wen I ask him y he didnt cal he wud say he doesn’t ve credit on his fone, of a truth he doesn’t have sometin doing for now, I felt less concern not until he disvirgined me, rite now I can’t say if he loves me or not, to make d mata worse he’s a womanizer bt I didn’t care bcos he hasn’t touched me as of den. He still gets in touch wit his ex, and some orda girls which I don’t evin knw abt and wen I ask him abt it hu wud say its a game, DAT he doesn’t mean all wat he’s telling dem, rite nw am very confused on wat to do

Dear Sister,

Hello World

This is a serous case of a girl being used, common its way written out there, he can’t call but he can contact those other people he is dealing with, or does he not contact them. It is important that you do not keep holding on to him because he was your first, you must stand strong and walk away because truth be told, this guy is not serious at all. I must ask, didn’t you see all this traces in him before you let him go so far with you? or you were thinking that when you give him $3x he would change? My dear just as marriage would not turn a sheep to a lion so also would $3x not make a  difference. So my dear I would advise that you stand strong and walkout because crazier things are coming up and you sure ain’t gonna like it.

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