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A large portion of our well being rest in the hands of those surrounding us. When people close to us are always exibiting a bad attitude all the time, We may start to adopt negative feelings about such person and that affects the relationship. Two negative people do not make up for a relationship someone or both of them needs to change for the relationship to be successful.


Hello World

I have been on your platform for a while now and I must confess you are doing a wonderful job. I need your help in saving my relationship. I have know him since 2008 but we just started dating last year July. I must confess he is amazing and I have never loved anyone that much. Things were cool until we saw last week because he works in Abuja and am still a student, he said he is no more interested and that I didn’t offend him that he is just no longer interested in the relationship. I asked what I did wrong but he said nothing. I really love him and what I suspected might be causing him to want to breakup is my attitude when am angry, I tend to want to stand on my right. I have improved though and he even attested to it. I called him few days back and I told him I miss him and he said he missed me too but we now have restrictions. Tomorrow is his Bday and I really want him back. M having challenges in school because I crossed to another dept had to lose 2years in school, most pple don’t care or understand but he has been the only true friend I have that encourages me and wants me to be better. Help a crying girl save her relationship please. It’s been a week and 3days now since the breakup and I am optimistic we can still get back. Pls help me. I love him and I know he still loves me. I will be waiting for your response. Thank you.

Dear Lover Girl

Asking for forgiveness is easy but changing your attitude after you asked for it can be much harder and if you have really tried changing I don’t think that was the reason for the breakup, You are not sure why he broke up with you since he is not saying anything, There might be another reason that he is not saying. You were friends for long and there is every tendency for you to like each other and you mistook that for love.

It sucks when someone breaks up with you especially when you are caught off guard without the slightest feeling of a breakup coming, Go and meet him without mentioning your attitude as the reason for the breakup to get the truth about why he broke-up with you, If he still acts shady or insisting on his decision then you have to accept that you guys are friends and nothing more, It’s even best you guys are far away from each other now. Let him go and let your studies be your priority.

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