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It’s hard but it happens and it hurts to know that the person that confessed to have loved you once upon a time is now in love with someone else and not you. It hurts even more when you have committed so much into the relationship all because he once professed marriage. No matter how much you try, you will be left with intense pain and confusion thinking of what went wrong and what you failed to do right but you have to let go if you cannot rekindle the love in your relationship.


Hello World

Please try to keep my identity hidden… M a 300l student of igbinedion university Benin…. My story is not dat interesting but m feeling a bit insecure…i nd my bf has been dating since I was in 100l… His in 400l now…. We are so happy with each other….and Av done 4 abortions for him already cause he promised to marry me … D problem now is dat dia are 2 100l guls dat he seems to be interested in…. One of d guls name is Juliet @_jules I think and the other is beauty @ yes_im_shantel … Infact he seems totally obsessed…. He created a folder in his pictures for dem…. And sometimes calls beauty’s name wen his having $3x with me…. D other day he kept on calling me Juliet nd i had a very big quarel with him….. I didn’t want to confront dem cause it’s an embarrassment for a 300l student to b asking 100l girls to stay away from a boy. I initially sent beauty a warning asking her to stay away from him tru a fake instagram account I created..Juliet’s username is @jules_u @jules.u Now he just told me his in love with someone else. I really need your advice… Shud I abort or leave Dis child… M totally confused… What if he eventually breaks up with me?

Dear Confused

Most women commits abortion as a result of outright threat of abandonment if they do not do the right thing to abort, but sometimes it’s your decision and there are no much pressure. Many evidence has shown that committing abortion to save a relationship, almost never works. In fact most relationship ends after an abortion while others survive because the partners are still grieving together.

The situation you are now requires a tough decision to make, talking with your partner in an upfront manner would be the best to ascertain if he truly is in love with those girls or just fooling around with them. You will only be denying yourself the opportunity of mending your relationship if you abort again because no man will wish to marry a woman that her chances of giving birth is slim whether it was for them or not. Keep your baby and focus on your grades so you don’t make another mistake that you will forever live to regret.

Hey darling this sister is in need of your advice, please help her out.

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