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Life can be really harsh at times and its really painful when we are let down or ignored by someone we have feelings for but trust me it’s better to open up and fail than to close up for fear of rejection. So don’t be afraid of falling in love just make sure you are with the right person. If a guy is interested in you, he will display glaring signals. You might not have noticed it before but when you start paying attention you will completely notice it.

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Hello World

Hey dear

There is this guy m dating n we be been MRE of hands n gloves ,we do everything together we share our lives even our darkest secret n all,he doesn’t judge me n all DAT Dn he moved out of town n we its bn a long distance relationship for 6 months now .he was madly n love with me BT lately he strtd show in less concern n all asked him why he said Cs m always teln him to go Cs of my insecurity n I come bk aftrwrds begging him Dn we settled it bt d love n connection ain’t strong anymore n I want to make it strong n I don’t know how and I really wanna know if he does value me or if am just an opportunity to him..help me swt …m confused

Dear Confused

Men are far less complicated when it comes to expressing their feelings or emotions, When they are in love with someone you can always see the evidence and when they fall out of love it can also be very glaring.

You can see he is no more in love with you despite settling your differences he has probably found someone else before you guys settled but didn’t want to  break your heart that’s why he didn’t tell you. This are what you need to know before thinking of if he value’s you or not. Talk to him to know if he still values you and want to have a relationship with you and if he feels shady and indecisive please quit the relationship and move on.


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