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Dear amaka

Am mercy and am 30yrs old. I had a terrible heartbreak 1yr. So this year april I met this new guy whom I now fall deeply in love with. We are so close and behave like we have known our selves for years but I found out he has a girlfriend for long that already had 3kids for him. But according to him, they have serious issues, something to do with her attitude. He said he will never marry her. He has asked her to live his house severally bt she refused. So for that reason I dont go to his house since the lady is in his house. But he is always wit me almost everyday. All his friends and few family members knows he loves me. My question is, how safe can it be to marry a man whom a woman has 3kids for and she is also not willing to let go. should I continue or quit this relationship.

meet amaka

Hello World

Dear Sister,

This is really a difficult decision to take and I would not tell you specifically to stay or to leave, but am going to ask you some questions which is likely to help you shape your decision.

1) Am really surprised as how he is just realizing that the lady has bad attitude, i mean after the first child he did not see the attitude, the second child he did not still see it, its after the third he now saw it, this is quiet surprising to me.

2) What makes you think that when you stay with him he would not notice some bad attitude changes and decide to move on too?

3) You are a woman , so you know it is really difficult to walk away after giving birth to three children for a man, not one, not two but three, are you willing to keep up with the demand she would keep making, because truth is, whether you like it or not the three children are his and he has to take care of them too.

My dear i know you have been heartbroken and you must have felt very bad, but it is also not better to take a ride in a car that has bad tires, how far can that tire take you, and would it bget you nto your destination?. Think about this dear.

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