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I don’t understand why some people find it hard to keep a promise. Must you make a promise you can’t fulfill, before the marriage the dude might promise to not care when he sees you with trouser or makeup but immediately you say I do….He would change tune and start complaining. Oh baby you cant wear trouser in my house, you cant do your makeup and all sort of nagging.  I still find it hard to comprehend why people behave like that. If I get married and my hubby starts complaining about some things after marriage I would just ask him that didn’t you notice all these before you plan to settle with me
Hello World
 Dear Amaka
Pls I need ur urgent response. I met a guy 9yrs ago jst once,we never had any intimacy.Lastyr around August dis guy started callin me again,requestin 2 marry me which I told him no unless he comes back 2 9ja cos I wudnt want a far distance marriage cos of temptations n other tins.After much plea 4rm him dat he was goin 2 bring me close 2 him after a year of our marriage.We started preparing 4 d wedding.As time went on b4 d wedding I stil try to remind him of his promise of. Gettin me close 2 him buh d story changed as he told me dat gettin a visa wil b difficult 4 him.I got angry n lost interest in marrying him cos I knw most of my friends n relations re sEein in. Their own distance marriages.At a point I lost my father n tradition says we must. Mourn 4 6months b4 any1 can marry which made us to postpone our wedding to nxt yr.Bsides d guy doesn’t send me money,he. Always wants me to beg b4 he gives me n am not d begging type which I get. Notin 4rm him.Pls I nid. U to advice me cos I wudnt want to marry sm1 far away 4rm me n regrate later cos dats not wat I want 4 myself.Thanks
Dear worried babe,
If he can’t process the visa then there’s no need for you to marry him since you don’t want a long distance marriage. Open up to him and let him know why you want to leave him, marriage is not a small business so it is better to plan now before you sign the deal or else you might end up regretting it afterwards. And another thing you must take note of is the fact that he doesn’t care for you enough to understand your needs. So my candid advice would be to look for someone else, start a fresh relationship and forget about this guy.
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