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Hello World

Am a 26 years old lady and a mother of a year and 6months old baby girl.just a 2 yrs marriage.My husband stays abroad but ever since he married me,he has never told me he loves me, but he can show me care by feeding me,cuddling me, bathing playing and buying gifts and taking me out. but once I tell him I lov him he can never reply me.when he was around I used to bear it with his caring and cuddlings,but since a year now,he has not come back,and I no longer feel comfortable because I dont hear any romantic thing from my husband.he can spend more dan 3 hrs on call with me but nothing romantic to tell me.not about love or missing me.right now it pains me so much as I have complained to him and his only reply was that when he loved someone has passed.And each time I hear that I feel like dying seeing myself living with a man dont love me. I feel more angry when I see other couple using romantic words like love,honey darling, becasue I have never heard that from him and am naturally a romantic person.this atims make me regret marrying him since he cant satisfy my emotions apart from $3x.i dont feel like other women that enjoy love life.plz

Dear Sister,

It is obvious that you married a man who does not express his love verbally, but this does not mean he does not have feelings for you, he might just not want to accept it but he does everything to show he cares for you, if he doesn’t he would not call you and talk to you for hours, he would not cuddle and care like you say he does.

It is probably that you are an extrovert and he is and introvert who does not talk about his feeling but express them in action, he buys gifts, he plays with you and others that is to show that he cares, be calm and try to understand your husband and his personality and you can help him but if you do not understand him, it would be hard for you to bring any changes to his person.

Feelings do not only show by words, some people say they love you but never mean it, since his actions show care and affection know it that he cares for you a whole lot.

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