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Some of the parts of our bodies that easily show that we age fast are the hands and neck. For this reason, it is absolutely important to practise effective hand and skin care regimens. Unfortunately, most of us remember the skin care part but do not take hand care too seriously. Too bad! It is absolutely important to care for our hands. This is because, great looking hands and nails not only look beautiful but also give the impression of youthfulness. Here are the hand care secrets for darker skin;

1. EXFOLIATE AND MOISTURISE : Ideally, you should exfoliate palms and hands with a scrub that contains alpha-hydroxy acids which boost cell turn over and brighten the skin of the hands. Besides, always moisturise hands morning and night with a great hand and nail cream like the African Oriflame. You can also use an oil such as argan, coconut, olive after washing hands to seal in moisture through out the day.


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Nail cream

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2. PROFESSIONAL MANICURES: Get a manicure. It is advisable to slow down on nail extensions as these may cause nails to become brittle and tired if done too frequently. Besides, you should gladly embrace neutrals, nudes and lighter colours when it comes to nail polish that suit your darker skin.

dh2 neutral


 3. RUBBING GARLIC AND HEALTHY MEALS : Rubbing garlic on nails twice daily, would enhance your nails. Alternatively, you can dice up a clove of garlic and add to your favourite nail hardener. You will experience amazing results in a matter of days. Dim it fit to eat healthy meals. Your diet should include fruits and vegetables, as well as biotin rich foods such as walnuts and soya beans. Do not use your nails as tools for picking food out of your teeth, or cleaning your ears.

dh3 garlic


4. GETTING RID OF DRY HANDS: Drinking at least  eight glasses of water would prevent hands from getting dehydrated. Apply a very good moisturizing lotion to palms then wear gloves to trap in the moisture as you sleep before bed, for extremely dry hands.


dh4 dry hands



These are hand care secrets that will work for any one with a darker skin!

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