Hairstyles of the Week


It is always fun to experiment with your hair, try on new looks, get compliments and so many options and colors to choose from. So here are some hairstyles you can try out if you are due for a new hairdo.

Long full hair with bouncy curls, the look we all seem to go with. Styled with the right weaves, you can be sure to stand out in this hair.

Short hair, pixie cut, short bob Ladies usually shy away from this due to the cuts needed to get the desired end result. Requires you have a good hair stylist but if done appropriately draws a lot of attention.

The Fringe hair style, could be short bob or long shoulder length depending on your preference, gives you a bold and blunt look.

And lastly, you know our very own braids, the oldest hairstyles in the game but yet never seem to go out of fashion and give you variety of looks through the different ways it can be styled up and don’t require so much maintenance. However styling them can be a handful especially now that the preferred choice for length is VERY long! Whichever you do pick out, keep your hair interesting all times.


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