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So I was listening to an old toke Makinwa vlog titled “Invest in You” which was right after I listened to one about being smart in this age of digital media (a smart money women tip by Arese Ugwu) and they both had one thing in common and that’s the word “YOU”.

As a black woman living in Africa, our image and tenacity are two very important things. In Africa, the women are hard working and always have been but most times we become frustrated and let go of ourselves, we no longer see the beauty of the setting and rising sun, we are no longer interested in the fun ways the sky nuts itself to form shapes, we are no longer interested in living because we feel like the whole world is out to get (“you”)us.

See, there’s that word “YOU” again, coming up but this time in the positive light; you are the only one who can allow yourself to see the beauty around you, you are the only one who is responsible for your own happiness, you are the only one that can do things that would make you feel free.

One of the ways we advice “You” to take charge of your life is through your appearance. Taking charge of your body by making your hair is one of the ways to uplift your spirit and the fun part is you don’t need a million bucks with this hairstyles we are about to show you.

For this weekend we have hairstyles inspiration that would make your new week a delight, scroll through to see:


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Be Inspired!

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