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Truth be told, hair can only do so much in regards to the depth of your face, which has the tendency to appear flat, as a round-faced girl. Round faces are known for their soft and less angular bone structure, so if your concern is depth related; you should look into contouring with makeup.

Although there are many celebrities who are round-faced and their stylists know what best suits their faces, but let’s talk about you. Without going to top celebrity stylists, you can at least know what best suits you as a round-faced individual, and what does not suit. Therefore, you ought to follow some rules. As a round-faced individual girl, you should go for hairstyles which aim at giving your face some height.

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Here are hairstyle rules for round-faced girls;

 Rule 1:

Usually, long hair is great for adding length to your face but you have to style it correctly. Styling it flat with a middle part is not going to do much for you but emphasize the roundness of your face.

 Rule 2:

You must know that pulling your hair back just puts everything out there. If you don’t want any hair on your face, you can still pull it off. Just tweak the style a little.

Rule 3:

Well, short bobs = no. If you want a bob, get a longer one and make sure it stops at least two inches below your chin. You can also try a side swept bang with that and you’ll be set.

Rule 4:

Too much volume around your temple and cheek area will make your face look wider. Besides, the hair stops at your chin, which is not a good length for round faces.

Rule 5:

Curls are a problem for round faces. They give you what you already have; a rounder and wider face. Thus, stay away from them! Looser waves generally work better.


If every round-faced girl considers these hairstyle rules, every hairdo carefully selected would be perfect on her!
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