Having a pictorial book, filled with ideas is an easy and pleasant way to go about what hairstyle you would want to try. For the African woman, changing hairstyles is as important as breathing, no jokes…

Thanks to the environment as well as the textures of our natural hair, trying out new hairstyles is an awesome way to protect your hair. However we have become so used to changing our hairstyles that we no longer do it primarily because we have to, but because we enjoy it.

The right hairstyles can do a lot to a woman’s moral; Imagine when you first made that hair you always wanted to try and then you launched it at work, remember how it attracted attention, got you sincere smiles and admiring glances? Well that feeling is something that we look forward to every month isn’t it? Of cause it is because for us women, aside from looking powerful, we also want to look attractive and feminine and a cute hairstyle affords us that.

There are all types of hairstyles and all types of variations; there’s the standard bob and then there’s the one with the extra touch. Thanks to Jessica Pettway we can show you modern hairstyle inspirations that are easy, experimental and beautiful.

Check out a few of the great hairstyle inspirations Jessica Pettway has been able to pull off:

Fulani Basket

Hello World

Anita Baker

Twist and Curl


Fringe Pixie

Bohemian Curls


Side Part Curl

Gel Bun

Porple Wave Side-Part

Source: Instagram | @Jessicapettway

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