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College girls are among one of the best dressed, they are consistent and always on trend I should know I was once one. Many of this college students live for fashion, hair and books and who can blame them, there is no unnecessary responsibility weighing them down. They are young, fresh faced, beautiful and there is nothing holding them down so many of them invest in their looks and they should because all this experiments morphs them into the confident and graceful women they would eventually turn out to be.

So if you are a college girl here are some hairstyles that would keep you fresh faced and on point;

This style is smart and effortless, a braid and weave out hairstyle made with curly weave on is just what you need to start the week.



Hello World

Everyone is going natural, if you are among those who transitioned a while ago then why not try dying your hair to get an ombre effect. After which you can try this twist and twirl hairstyle.

Twist and Twirl

Twist and Twirl

I love braids but I especially have love for twist especially big braids and twist because they are fun, young and easy to take off. You can style them anyhow you want it.

Twist and Braid

Twist and Braid

The duchess braids is the best test week and exam week hairstyle because it doesn’t bother you and its still very chic. So try out this look if you’ve run out of hairstyles to try out.


Duchess Braid

This carefree hairstyle can be made from natural hair or with weave attachment, its perfect if you want to embrace your young side.

Short Twist

Short Twist

A sleek goddess braid is smart and it enhances your your features just make sure the hairstyle is pulled and tucked in properly.

Goddess Braids

Goddess Braids

Braid outs are so cute especially when you dye your hair, pull a braid out back with braided attachment to give a stylish finish.


Ombre Braid Out

I love this college girl looks, it is refreshing and young.

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