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If you were among a wedding party what would you suggest should be picked as the hair Jewelry for the bride? Well, the first answer is to acknowledge that jewelries are indeed important; every bride knows that the additional shimmer and sparkle come as a result of that hair jewelry sparkling on-top her hair/weave.

Let’s take a look at some of the amazing sparkling pieces on the look-book below…

Wedding Jewelry | LOOK-BOOK

A crown show’s you off as the queen of the day, it gives you a total glam look- Cute!


Hello World

Head bands never looked so glam, most certainly something many brides are completely into at the moment.


Taking a cue from the Victorian era, floral hair fascinators are back and they make a beautiful hair jewelry for brides.


Hair pins have to have a bit of definition not to talk about the one used for brides, these pins are definitely supposed to be defined with a bit of colour and a unique angle.


Some crowns just star on top your hair and others fit into it nicely. The one’s that fit nicely are definitely prettier (my opinion).


This image is everything, yes darlings you can wear jewelries like this for your traditional wedding in case you are not really up to tying your head in a wrap.


Be Inspired By Sparkle! Be Inspired By Hair Jewelry!

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