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Being cautious of things around us is one of the common traits of a lady. Now, if you have noticed your hair becomes dry and frizzy, you may need to start a moisturizing regimen. You certainly need to continue moisturizing your hair so it doesn’t get a chance to dry out, for when it generously retains moisture, the good health of your natural hair is guaranteed.

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How then do you achieve this hair goal very fast? Here are the ways to make retaining hair moisture a success;

1. Do not over-wash your hair:

Some hair naturalists wash their hairs daily or weekly. Daily washing may be excessive as too much water can actually dry your hair out by rinsing natural oils from your strands. Stick to a routine that allows for a clean scalp without over-washing your hair.

2. Re-moisturize your hair every three days:

Re-moisturizing your hair every few days will help tons in keeping your hair from drying out. You can do this by spraying your hair with water and adding your oils and cream. Don’t add too much else, your hair will be greasy.

3. Hot-oil treatment at least once a month depending on your hair type is recommended:

One of the very effective hot oil treatments is made up of castor and peppermint oil. Do this once a month while inverting your head in order to stimulate hair growth. This is a relaxing way to retain moisture in dry hair.

3. Use a leave-in de-tangling spray throughout the day to retain moisture:

Also, if your hair is super dry, use a leave-in spray throughout the day to moisturize your hair. This will keep your hair fresh, soft, and shiny. You can even make your own leave-in spray.

4. Sleep on satin pillow cases and wear satin hair wraps to bed:

Satin is great for helping to retain moisture in your hair, as cotton can cause friction and tug at your delicate strands. If you are a wild sleeper, sleep on a satin pillowcase and double up with a scarf, bonnet, or cap.

5. T-shirt hair-drying technique:

Dry your hair with a T-shirt or with a jersey knit towel after washing or co-washing your hair. Terry cloth tends to pull oil and moisture out of your hair whereas a soft jersey knit is more gentle on your hair.

Retaining hair moisture becomes possible after religiously adhering to the above tips!

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