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Life is all about recycling and being very resourceful. Without these features in life, especially at this critical recession period where commodities are three times its original price, you’d find it very challenging to cope. This is where your DO It Yourself skills come to play. Not only will you be benefiting from what you do by using it, you can equally make money from it.

When it comes to beautifying your hair, you must not joke with it as a lady, as the hair is the glory of a woman. Even if you must rock your natural hair due to lack of finance, you should be very creative with your hair by adding some hair accessories to it. Therefore, you can make this beautiful hair clip with matching hairband easily;

Hair accessories

Hello World

You will need the following materials;

  • 1.6 cm wide grosgrain ribbon
  • Wooden craft shapes of your choice
  • Glue gun
  • Hair clips
  • Scissors


To begin, try getting some ribbon and clipping it in a hair clip. Wrap the ribbon around the hair clip to ensure you have enough length to go over it all, then cut it.

Step 1

The next process involves taking your glue gun and glue your ribbon over the top (outer) part of the clip as well as the part to the right of the clip you see in the photo above you. Press the two sides of ribbon together to ensure they’re stuck together. You can use other glue but the glue is what helps this be a five minute project.

Step 2

Then go ahead to the next step which is very important; glue the wooden craft shape to the hair clip while it’s open so that you know you can open and close the clip. If you glue it while it’s closed you risk cracking your wooden shapes if you put them too close to the center.

Step 3



Finished hair clip

For the matching hairband;

Try achieving the making of this accessory in just ten minutes with the following pictorials;

Step 1

Step 2


Step 3

Your beautiful hair clip with matching hairband are ready. How you rock them is your choice!

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