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When we have a job interview coming up, its only natural that we are nervous and a bit on edge We have to know that there are do’s and don’ts when it comes to job interviews as you can’t just match there looking scruffy and expect to get the job but if you follow this guidelines for a job interview, everything would be okay.


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The Do’s

  • First impression matters a lot so its best that you find out if you can the dress code for the office so you know what to wear exactly and if you don’t know click here.
  • Remember to bring copies of your resume, you might figure because you sent it before they might not need it but you can never be too sure, so always walk around with a copy and make sure you have a nice folder for it so it wouldn’t be all messed up. Also add photocopies of your credentials as well.
  • The right body language is of the essence because your posture during an interview can either impressive or annoy your interviewer so always sit still and don’t fidget.
  • Turning up 10 minutes earlier than the interview is a most, showing up way too early might seem a bit awkward but make sure you are not late because that shoots up a red flag so make sure you leave as early as possible and wait at a nearby shop till its about time (12 minutes).
  • Remember to always answer each question directly and with sincerity and that involves giving the right answers to the weakness question and also having a good question for the interviewer that proves you were paying close attention during the interview.

The Dont’s

  • Never badmouth your old job, this is interview 101. Badmouthing your former employer only gives off a negative vibe and shows how unprofessional you can be.
  • Don’t freak out when you’ve been thrown a question that you have no answer to or can’t possibly answer, calm down but don’t say you don’t know out-rightly, ask the interviewer to clarify then if you have a clue then tell the interviewer what you think. (interviewers ask hard questions because they want to see your thought process)
  • Don’t talk about your personal problem because nobody cares really because you would be hired if you fit based on qualification and how well your interview went.
  • Lying is about the worst thing you can do and its more horrendous when you are caught in the lie just remember honesty is your best bet.
  • The point of working is for salary but do not address the issue of salary before the interviewer because they want to see what you can do for the company.
  • Never ever be unprepared, make sure you research the company before going for the interview because they would be looking for a diligent worker who have done his/her homework.
  • Never get too relaxed, its okay to be friendly but don’t go overboard and make sure you continue in the right attitude even after the interviewer is done asking you question. Always remain professional.

I hope these guidelines for a job interview proves to be very useful to you.

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