Music is a huge part of many weddings but many times this part is always forgotten when the truth is that there should be a wedding music guide to help through the important parts of the wedding so whether you hire a DJ, a live band or you have one of your cousins playing they should be giving the guidelines of what tracks to play and at what exact moment.


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Here is a wedding music guideline of how to pick your music and for what moment;

Processional: This music accompanies you down the aisle, therefore you will need to pick two songs here, one for your bridesmaids and one for you. There are traditional songs like ” here comes the bride ” that you can play but you can personalize it by playing the instrumental of a love song like john Legends “I love you love” or “you and I”.

Recessional: The recessional is your exit and you would want to make it a big exit so your choice of song has to be upbeat because there are no pressures, you’ve said your vows and now its time for you to keep bubbling.

Reception Entrance: Now this is when the bride and groom walk into the reception with the wedding party in tow. The music for this part such be celebratory more upbeat than the recessional song, this would set the mood for the party.

The First Dance: A lot of couples struggles to find the perfect song for this moment, first you should pick an upbeat song and follow with a slow song and then an upbeat celebratory song to finish (people have to spray).

Father/Daughter Dance: For this you can choose a song that’s personal or traditional.

Reception Music: Generally some of the choices might be yours or the DJ’s but if there are some songs you won’t like the DJ to play its best you create a do not play list. For the closing reception song you can pick out a song that reflects thanks and gratitude to those who celebrated with you.

Cake Cutting: For the cake cutting you need to pick out an upbeat song  a fast pace song would do the trick.

Bouquet Toss: This is another fun part at the wedding asides from the cake cutting, beyonce’s single ladies is pure perfection, it is upbeat and it reflects the moment or you could just pick any fun or romantic song.

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What do you think about this wedding music guides? Hit or Miss? Leave your thoughts in the comment box below.

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