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Have you ever felt that you needed to change up your style a bit, have you ever been tired of looking the same all the time? Well I want to assume a lot of us are felt and are feeling that way. As a human being, we desire, want and require change to keep us excited and spirited. Routine things only work for some percentage of the human population and I do not fall in that percentage because I crave something new and exciting all the time. This feeling lso encompasses my being so much so that it affects the way I want to look every time.

Makeup Finished

Makeup Finished

Hello World

Am one for almost all the campaigns, team natural, team bare face, team makeup etc and this is because of my nature. If you are like me then its safe for me to say you desire change so strongly that one minute you want a no makeup makeup look and the next you want something fiery and bold.

I believe experiment is the spice of life and I’ve never been able to understand those who are assidous when it comes to keeping thing in uniformity. Therefore, I believe you should be seen in a bold makeup look this weak and one of my reasons would be because of the weather, at this point its so dreary that you need something to brighten up your face, a no makeup look wouldn’t help you achieve that.



Makeup Nubian

Make-up Nubian



Join YouTube Vlogger Jennie Jenkins as she takes you through her Green winged Liner look

Source: YouTube Channel Jennie Jenkins

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