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Life is more than what it seems especially on social media, we must remind ourselves that we should have one, “a life” asides from being online. With that said I want to tell you about the fabulous color that is green.

The rainy season is about the best time to see the beauty that is nature, this season brings out the colors in everything, from the rain washing off the dust on the roof of houses, to it generating the necessary nutrients for new plants to grow.

Green is life, green is mother nature, green represents birth, although some may attribute the color as being synonymous to jealousy, the reality is that mother nature has shown us the true meaning of GREEN and that is CREATION.

Now, why am I going on and on about the colour green? For many wedding’s, there’s a color scheme that is chosen, this colors are picked for several reason, either they mean something to the bride/groom or perhaps both or maybe it all has to do with the religion.

If you happen to be getting a aso ebi package that contains green aso ebi fabric then am sure you would be wondering how to go about with the detailing and style. Well, I’ve put together six green aso ebi styles that I believe would inspire your choice.

Remember, green means life which means creation therefore you must do well to create something fabulous with the material you have been given.

Check out the green aso ebi styles collection;


Hello World





These green aso ebi styles are the inspiration you need.

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