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Everyone has this craze for that amazing hair. If you have a very long natural hair and don’t want to lose it, or if you don’t have long hair, and your hair won’t grow past a certain point, these tips will apply to you. If you are fond of looking out for clip-in hair extensions which will give you long hair in five minutes, there’s a better solution for you my dear. You don’t even have to wait years before your hair grows out naturally.

Natural hair

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Here are the five tips on how maintain a long natural hair;

1. Using a deeply hydrating treatment twice a week:

You will already know the benefits of using a deep hydrating treatments to replenish any lost moisture, if you style your hair with heat. The coconut honey mask is an ideal treatment for your hair. 

2. Using a heat protectant:

A heat protectant wraps the hair shaft, forming a protective barrier, thus preventing damage and ensuring your style is sleek and frizz free. Do yourself and your hair a favour by using this.

3. Use of hair bands that don’t pull at the root:

Using a plastic coil means your hair is not pulled at the root. This makes sure the hair isn’t under any unnecessary stress, keeping the strands strong and resilient.

4. Use a low-heat setting for hairdrying and point the nozzle down, not sideways:

One of the worst things you can do for your hair is overheat it with excessive blow-drying. If you want to avoid dry and damaged locks, you need to either rein in how often you use a hair dryer or pay attention to how you are using it, making sure to apply heat protection products beforehand.

5. Use a hair wrap or an old t-shirt instead of a towel to dry:

Those with curly hair are already in the know when it comes to this well tested trick. Rather than a waffle brushed cotton towel, use a smooth fabric, such as cotton or linen, to get rid of excess moisture before heat styling. This way the hair shaft is not caused to fray when you wrap it to dry.

Your long natural hair would continue to remain intact with these tips!
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