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Its still the coconut season (this is the time you get it for cheap) and asides from using it with ‘garri’ or using it for rice there are other ways you could make use of the fabulous fruit.

Coconut is such a wonderful fruit and it is one of the most sought after nuts (yes it is now classified under nuts) packed with so much vitamins and minerals, the fruit is good for every part of your body. It nourishes your body and fills it up with so much goodness.

There is so much the coconut has to offer and one of them is flavor for cakes… Now everyone loves cake (if you don’t this post is not for you) and we are always looking for ways to come up with more fascinating method to better aid our cravings. One of the ways we can satisfy our cravings and sweet tooth is making a coconut flavored cupcake.

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Am sure you already know we heart Sisi Yemmie over here- she is a Nigerian food and lifestyle blogger who just happens to make amazing videos, whats not to like. Lets dive into the video shall we, make sure you treat yourself, family and kids to this super coconut flavored cupcakes treat.

Here’s What you’ll need:

*  Eggs

* Baking Powder

* Desecrated coconut

* Milk

* Melted butter

* Salt

* Coconut essence / Vanilla essence

* All-purpose flower

* Refined sugar

* Cupcake Pan

* Cup cake papers

* Tooth Pick

Watch the video below

Source: Sisi Yemmie YouTube Channel 

What do you think of this coconut flavored cupcakes recipe? Would you try it at home? If you do lets know how it came out in the comment section below.

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