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Creativity is completely fun, especially when that which is newly created is beautiful. A popular saying has it that necessity is the mother of invention. In the case of recycling an old t-shirt, it might not be a necessity though, but the joy of knowing that it’s not just the original t-shirt maker is capable of creating something new, sets in.

There are just a thousand and one t-shirt DIY ideas in the world. One of such is the turning of an old t-shirt into a gorgeous no-sew monostrap top. There’s this uniqueness that comes from having such a beautiful outfit in your wardrobe. Besides, any t-shirt goes with jeans thus, your transformed t-shirt which has become your gorgeous no-sew monostrap top will give a perfect fitting on that too. Therefore, making your gorgeous no-sew monostrap top is just a few steps away; very easy to make.

The materials needed for this easy DIY project are;

  • Old guy’s t-shirt
  • Pair of scissors
  • Chalk or soap




Hello World

To get started, mark the t-shirt with soap, cut from the collar diagonally under the sleeve, then do the same thing with the other sleeve.


Step 1

The next step is to measure across the front of your body, making your cuts a little smaller.


Step 2

Same process is repeated here.


Step 3

Here’s your gorgeous t-shirt;


T-shirt top

I guess you’d love to give this a try this time!

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