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Its good Friday and the best way to make yourself and family feel good is to prepare this delicious Calabar traditional soup; edikaikong. The edikaikong soup is one soup that is enjoyed by Nigerians both locally and in diaspora, this soup is nutritious and delicious at the same time. Made with fresh vegetables, dried fish and assorted meat the edikaikong soup is often refereed to as the soup of wealth because of the variety of protein present in it.


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Today anybody can enjoy this delicious delicacy which is usually prepared with a combination of two different vegetable Ikong ubong/ugwu (Pumpkin Leaves) and Water leaves. For those in diaspora who can’t find this leaves, you can replace it by using Spinach and Lamb Lettuce.

What You’ll Need:


Ikg Ugwu Leaves (Pumpkin leaves) or Spinach
0.5 kg Waterleaf
2 cubes of beef stock
2 teaspoons Salt
1 Cup Crayfish or Dried Prawn
Dried Fish
1 Whole Large Onions
6 to 10 fresh hot Pepper
4 Giant Roasted Snails (Optional)
1.5lbs Beef & Goat Meat
1 lb Kpomo
1.5 cups Palm Oil
Roasted Turkey

Watch The Tutorial:

Here’s a video tutorial from YouTube Vlogger: Nigerian Food Channel

Yum! is there a secret ingredient you add to your edikaikong soup to make it taste better? Why not share this ingredients with us. Leave answer in the comment section below.

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