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Good Friday is a Christian holiday enjoyed by the general public. It’s significant because it tell of the crucifixion of Jesus and Christ and thus Good Friday holds many programs in churches and other religious setting.

The fact that it is a special holiday makes it obvious that there would be a lot of activity which simply translates to the fact that you would need something to wear. Now because Good Friday is about crucifixion doesn’t mean that one should be dressed in a mournful mood.

The days leading up to this period was a sober one but now it’s a celebration of life. We must show how grateful we are by showing up to whatever event we have in a nice piece.

Someone is probably reading this and wondering why they should dress up for any good Friday activity since it’s the day of the crucifix, to that someone I say, someone gives their life for you so that you can live, by being mournful you don’t actually live up to that someone, rather you’ve forgotten why they stood up for you in the first place.

Life has its ups and downs but its very important that we look at it with so much excitement no matter what, and so dressing well is one of the ways we can conquer.

If you are as thankful, grateful and celebratory as I assume that you are, then you should take a look at these Good Friday looks… I believe that my able fashionista’s would most certainly love this look;

Jackie Appaih

Hello World

Tracy Idirisu

Queen of Sleeves


Karen All


Karen All

Medline Boss

Folake Huntoon

Monica Etuk


Sharon Ojong

I think these good Friday look is great, don’t you? Which is your favourite and tell me why you like it.

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