Go Retro With The Afro Hairstyle.


Last week we talked about Bob hairstyle, this week we are talking about the Afro hairstyle.

Afro, fro or natural hair as it is sometimes called  definately hit the scene in the early 60’s,  70’s and 80’s and ever since then, it  disappears and re-appears. A lot of people imagine the Afro hairstyle to be the huge geometrical shaped hair do that was rocked ages ago, although they really are gorgeously shaped but you could rock lesser fro’s with weave or with your natural hair.

afro new

Hello World


Here are some amazing pictures of the Afro hairstyle that would definately inspire your hairstyle change.

Afro hairstyle’s No 1 are  natural hair culled and pushed back into huge buns, they are  black , beautiful and neutral.




Now if the color black doesn’t give you the spark you want,  you can try this wine colored Afro weave, also pushed back into a bun with gel applied to the tinted natural hair.


This full geometric Afro hairstyle is definately not too full and it doesn’t look conspicuous, its halo shape brings the structure of your face to light, this length is definately the right amount for a retro Afro look and the hoop earrings adds to the beauty.


This Afro hairstyle is mixed with corn rows to give it an entirely fresh sensation, it is definately a style for all ages.

afro nd corn rows

This beautiful low level Afro hairstyle is the perfect length if you don’t want a lot of volume.


This Afro kinky hairstyles with color definitions is for ladies that are not afraid to challenge themselves, its definately a way to bring the funk into your hairstyle.



Our Celebrity Afro style inspiration would definately be Solange Knowles, Solange is known for her different level of Afro hairstyles and she works that hairstyle like no other.



Now ladies go to your hair salon and get your afro hairstyle rock on.#Retro.


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