Closing late this Friday? Then you need a five to ten minutes makeup, but if you are in a rush how would you get this done. The need for a tutorial comes in here. Typically after a stressful day at work, hanging out can be a lot of work, but then you remember you made plans and you know you’ve gotta get down this Friday as its the start of a remarkable weekend.

Its hard to resist the possibilities, the new adventures that the weekend offers, but if you leave out Friday then you are off to a slow start or no start at all. However, since there is barely enough time to run from your day job to happy hour we have a video tutorial of how to stay looking fabulous throughout the night.

Hello World

First here are two important things to note;

A melted makeup look isn’t your friend and so you need to make sure that you use a primer, this would make sure that your face is pretty and fresh throughout the night.

You have to make sure that you have the glow, night lights does wonders to your highlighter, it bounces around and makes your face sparkle. If you feel you might not have the time to perfect your glow then mix your higlighter with your foundation, this gives you an illusion that you are glowing within…

Now here’s a list of what you’ll need… Note that this is just in reference to the products used in the tutorial video, it is not compulsory you can use other products.

Source: YouTube | KRYSSARTT

Whats your take on this Friday night makeup tutorial? Tell us in the comment section below.

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