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While attempting to look for fun ways to glam up our braid hairstyles we came across the hair wrap, this of cause should not be confused with a scarf. The hair wrap in this case is the embroidery floss, used as a temporary and colorful decorative way to change your hairstyle. An embroidery floss or hair wrap is not an extension instead its a way to add some spice to your weaves or braids.

Using the embroidery floss is a fun way to make your braid hairstyle different especially during the weekend. Many people however feel that these additions are pretty complicated whereas they are not. Of cause we wouldn’t talk about it without telling you how you can make it work. If you want to take your hair to the next level with follow these guidelines;

Since the floss comes in a roll you have to measure it, cut the thread to the length that you desire. If you want it to start from the top of your braid to the bottom than do so to measure the thread using the length of the braid; make sure that it is two to three times longer.

After measuring, select the section of hair you want to decorate, you could pick from the two side of your hair and a bit at the back.

Once you’ve gathered your thread and the part you want to select then go ahead and twist the way you want it, you could give it space or not… At this junction you just have to be creative.

For more inspiration on how to express yourself in colors using the embroidery floss check out these braids hairstyles for inspiration:


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