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“The young shall grow” that’s the name of a bus that travels nation wide, it is also a popular proverb that was translated in English. We grow older and wiser as the day go by, some people progress faster than others however progress is still the same but it’s always best to have a hang of what you want to do quite early, this is why we are shinning our lights on Temi Otedola. The fresh graduate, has been in our faces for the better part of 3+ years now, why? Well it’s not because she’s the daughter of an Oil Tycoon but because she decided on what she wanted to do early on. The fashion lover decided to share her passion with the world when she started a blog and because of the uniqueness of her style and we are not just using the word as a click bait, she truly is unique; she caught the attention of many seasoned editors so much so that she was featured in Vogue, something that doesn’t happen quite often.

“To whom much is given much is expected”


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Temi Otedola has gone on to do so many other great things among them is owning her own little lifestyle company situated in London – yes, she has a real office space and all. Although just at the beginning of her career she has gotten to heights that we have to applaud her for. Our take on her journey so far – Never think you are to young to pursue your dreams. Some of us wished we had pursued our dreams and not let-up only to come back to it, however it is also not to late to start doing what you love, therefore, be like Temi, follow what makes you happy, grow, learn be a knowledge junkie and you would be better for it.

Meanwhile, we have to appreciate Temi Otedola’s Latest style picks they are age appropriate yet fabulous…

Temi Otedola | Fashion Girl Guide








Source: Instagram | @jtofashion

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