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Trying to craft a career as delicately as possible and trying not to loose yourself in the process is quite tough, it happens to normal individuals however it’s even worse when you are in the eye of the public or got your rep from a reality TV show like our girl of the moment. It’s like everything you do has to be wrapped around what you do or did in the show – I mean, we human beings wouldn’t even give a break, it’s like there is a lack of realization that watching a couple of minutes or hours on a show doesn’t actually give you complete insights to a persons life.

A person is mostly different than what you see on TV really; they could lean towards the good or the bad but one thing that is a reality is that you should always expect the TV version and the social media or personal experiences to be quite different than you imagine or assumed. Our girl here got her bigger break from the big brother reality TV show and while she’s trying to shed that fact off slowly, we see her progress and we appreciate what she’s been doing.

Bisola Aiyeola is and would always be a favourite of mine even before entering the big brother show. I had been routing for the talented mum for years, always very interested in the movies she features in because of her raw talent and so when she went into the See Gobe House I was routing for her as well (along with another housemate), even though neither of my faves won, I was proud of what they used their fame for. Bisola has earned her right, she struggled from nothing and now she affords her family the good life. She is an inspiration that everyone should look up to. We love Bisola and we are motivated by her hustle..

If You didn’t know who Bisola was, here’s the amazing Bisola in all of her Fashion glory…

Bisola Aiyeola | Fashion Look-Book


Hello World



Polka Dot





Be Inspired By A Self Made and Self Aware Star…

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