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Welcome back to my page it’s has been a while since I last wrote a post. Words can’t even begin to explain how disappointed I have been in myself. I truly love blogging ( mainly the picture part lol). No seriously don’t get me wrong I also do enjoy the writing part, I believe I have so much to share with the world, and it sometimes gets so frustrating. My laziness mostly gets the best of me. I also go through the constant battle with myself,  wondering  if too much was said or too little. Or was I even engaging enough.

On numerous occasions I have discussed with Friends about the different topics I wish to write about which wasn’t entirely about fashion. I mean there is so much more to talk about in life which is not as projected on social media as much as it should be. 


Hello World

Friday (19th of October) was a great eye opener for me. I was asked to join a Live Instagram chat with a corresponding member from Madivasmag. And to tell you the truth I was so nervous. I remember telling Vicky how nervous I was, and she reassured me to stay calm that everything was going to be just fine (it’s just two girls just chatting she said) and so I did. And the outcome was so amazing. I was humbled by how many people actually tuned in and even joined the conversation. It boosted my confidence so much I went and started my own live chat that lasted a whole 2 hours long. 

On my live chat I learned so much.  I didn’t know What to expect from viewers. I quickly learned that I needed to more engaging on my page. I also came across followers who were very interested in starting their own blog and As I say to everyone who shares their thoughts with me, I say go for it!!  Always remember to do everything on your pace and definitely stay true to yourself. Spend wisely because blogging is damaging to the pocket when starting. I am still a work in progress I tell them. Took me quite a while to get to where I am at as far as confidence is concerned. If someone had told me some years back that I will be standing in a middle of a restaurant while people dine in, taking pictures , I would have told them they were crazy. 

Which brings me to my OOTD. I got this lovely shirt on SALE ( favorite word) from H&M for £5 and paired it with my wide leg trousers. I also got that for £7.50 from a Street market in London. One will wonder why pair this two together? First I will say because I wanted to eat much at lunch, without worrying about my belly becoming too full. That’s the realistic answer. Secondly I will say the norm gets boring so why not think outside the box. 

Girl In Progress


State Of Mind

Girl In Progress

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. xoxo. Please comment below.❤️

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