Get The Smokey Eye


Everyone wants their eye makeup to look on point and doing a Smokey eye helps achieve this but not everyone gets how to do the Smokey eye makeup. And that’s why we are here to guide you through. So the first thing is to understand and know your eye shape. This would help in defining your socket. Choose your Smokey eye colors, one dark color preferably black and a lighter color to give the end result. Using a primer for base or concealer, apply a layer across your lids to get them prepped up and also keep the makeup lasting longer.

Highlight your brow bone with a bone color. Using your eye pencil, trace your lash line. Make use of a dark pencil around the rim of the eye. Always work from the inside and get thicker towards the end. The shadow should be the richest when it is nearer to your lashes and should fade as you approach your socket line or easily just smudge the liner, blending it through. Apply your mascara and powder, and there you have it, the Smokey eye effect.





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