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The A-line gown is named after the shape the dress visually creates, it has no visible embellishments for ease such as pleats or slits, but it is a type of clothing that is fitted or not too fitted at the upper bodice bringing out a triangular shape or flaring out at the hem of the garment.

The term ”A-line” was be dated as far back as 1955 by Christian Dior for his collection of spring 1955. Though it is quite different from what we have now, it must have inspired designers to come with the A-line designs. A-line cloths became popular in the 1960s and 70s and it disappeared before reappearing in the 2000s.

A-line gowns can be classified as a simple and classic styles with its form fitting around the bodice thereafter flowing out to the hem. It comes in different lengths ranging from above the knee to full length. A-line gowns can be made from  different fabrics and Ankara is one of them.  Ankara A-line gown is also lovely to behold because of its array of colourful patterns.

The interesting thing about these Ankara A-line gowns are the fact that they are a general option for anyone no matter the body size and shape. It can hide a rounder lower body and created the illussion of curves on a narrow frame. They are easy to wear and simple to dress up and at the same time make you look fabulous.

Get the comfy feeling with our Ankara A-line lookbook below…

A full length Ankara A-line maxi gown with black embroidery


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Ankara maxi gown

Collared Ankara Maxi dress with embellished short sleeves


Collared maxi dress

High neck sleeveless short Ankara dress


Short Ankara dress

Embellished mixed Ankara prints short dress


Mixed prints Ankara dress

High neck Ankara A-line short dress


High neck Ankara dress

Belted sleeveless A-line Ankara short dress


Belted A-line Ankara dress

Ankara A-line gowns are a wardrobe staple anyday anytime. You should have it.

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