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Having known that looking good is good business, it’s not proper to be cutely dressed and still have one of the most vital accessories of yours looking shabby. One of these vital accessories is your cell phone. How do you feel bringing out your phone with an ugly casing in public?

You do not have to wait until you go shopping before having a beautiful phone case; just work on the one you have now. Get creative with your nail polish by making this DIY Confetti phone case;

Confetti dot phone case1

Confetti dots

Hello World

The materials needed are;

Phone case (it could be beige or champagne color), blush, black, and metallic gold nail polish, scissors, pointed cotton buds, triple thick glaze (optional) and disposable trays.

To begin, cut the very tip off  the pointed end of three cotton buds to create a flat, round surface at the ends

Confetti dot2

Step one

Pour a dime-sized amount of polish into a disposable tray. Shake the bottles of polish until well mixed. Dip a cotton bud into the blush polish and start to add dots to the phone case.

Confetti dot pinksteps 3

Step two

Next dip the cotton bud into the black polish and  add dots.

Confetti dots black-dots 4

Step three

With the cotton bud dipped into the gold polish, apply dots too. Remember this is supposed to look like strewn confetti, so the more randomly the dots are place, the better!

Confetti dots gold-steps 5

Step four

Let the polish dry completely. Repeat steps two to five with the black and gold polish. You could spray the case with a thin layer of triple thick glaze after polish has completely dried. This is optional.

Be sure to do this on either outside or in a very well-ventilated area. Ensure that the glaze dries completely before using your phone case.


Phone case

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