People judge the book by its cover the sooner you realize this the better for you. Anyone that says otherwise is probably just deceiving themselves because let’s be honest, appearance is really important and that’s the basis in which we judge people. Thanks to appearance we can ascertain correctly a persons true personality, for example we know that people who dress like they are hobo’s are usually artsy and believe in freedom of expression in forms that are quite different from what’s termed “normal”. So you can see from this example that representation truly matters.

Thanks to representation the African print fabric takes further steps into the lime light, finding its way into high end fashion store’s both home and abroad. The fact that the world has began to see the Ankara in such a beautiful way has made more designers create styles that elevate it more.

This new adventure the African print is on matters a lot, this is because now the continent is truly represented not as a poverty or diseased ridden place but the world can see the true beauty that lie’s within the heart of God’s own continent. Thanks to this new found love for the print, meting out gorgeous Ankara styles is the duty of every lover of the culture.

Let’s take a look at some of the gorgeous Ankara styles that we’ve put together for your viewing pleasure… 


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Be Inspired!

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