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Who doesn’t like parties? If you don’t like parties then… am just going to leave it there but you already know what you are. An owambe (party in Yoruba) is something we look forward to, after a long week it. One of the ways you can feel like your life has not been soaked in by the corporations is by attending a party.

There are different types of parties but the most popular once always involves wearing native… native in this case being asoebi or any style that involves lace or and Ankara MATERIALS . We Nigerians love our native it’s a way to remind us that the “oyinbo” way of life have not totally wiped us of our identity.

One of the ways we’ve been able to keep our identity is through the use of the head wrap we know as the gele. If you have never tied the gele before then “yara” (means hurry in Yoruba) because you have been missing out.


The gele is a head wrap that we can trace to the western part of the country. We have to thank the Yoruba people for bringing us this beauty of a head wrap. The gele is usually paired with our natives and let me be truthful, a native attire without a gele to complete it looks bland and uninteresting.

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There are several ways one can tie the gele but let’s leave that to the expert, I believe if you can tie a simple gele then you are good (at least you have tied the headgear). If you want to learn how to be a true Nigerian then watch this gele tutorial video and learn how to mold Nigeria’s popular head gear;

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